Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We’re Making Progress…

Our spring cleaning efforts are still underway and we’ve been making some good progress sorting items out for donation and sale. We’ve sold a lot of items on Craig’s List and a few things on eBay. Craig’s List has become Consuelo’s new best friend! We continue to be astounded at how well things are selling. We listed a 9 year old Kyocera cell phone and got it sold in three days… OK, we only sold it for $5 but still it’s great to “place” these items rather than send them to the landfill.

Yesterday, Consuelo listed the big plastic cargo box we used as a camping tote on our Fall Foliage trip. Not 5 minutes after she had posted it, her phone rang and the man came by in less than an hour to pay her for it and take it away!

We’re still waiting for the weather to get warmer before we tackle the basement…. East Tennessee is experiencing a most unusually cold winter, making us all the more impatient to get this house cleaning behind us and depart on Our Great RV Escape! Consuelo keeps bursting into song, singing ‘”I want to be freeee!” – not sure what that’s all about :-)

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