The Crew

Consuelo is currently on an extended break from work to relax, travel in her RV and generally smell the roses. She loves her dogs and cats, enjoys working in the garden and on the house and hanging out with friends. Consuelo was born in Bogota, Colombia of American father and West Indian/Canadian mother and she grew up in Barbados. She has traveled the Caribbean, the US, Central and South America, Europe, Turkey, Korea, and China. On Our Great RV Escape, Consuelo drives and maintains the Trek motor coach and the Tank scooter, tinkers with the GPS and A/V equipment, and is the primary person for whatever techie stuff needs doin'.

Lynda suffered a completely unexpected major stroke in December 2008, at the age of 46. She subsequently has a strong appreciation for good health and the value of friends and loved ones, and is very focused on her continuing recovery. Lynda loves animals, enjoys traveling and reading,and is an excellent cook. Born and raised in Goffstown, New Hampshire, Lynda has traveled throughout Europe and also spent time in Turkey and Egypt. She has lived in the Southern US for 19 years and now wonders how people survive the winter up north. On Our Great RV Escape, Lynda takes care of Sydney and Barley, keeps us well "fueled", and reminds Consuelo to relax.

Sydney is a 7 year-old Shepherd-Border Collie mix (or some such concoction) and is convinced Lynda is her mother, or perhaps a minor deity. An avid protector, we pity the person who tries to enter our RV uninvited. Sydney loves to swim and fetch frisbees, balls, sticks, and other toys. She is not friendly with other female dogs but has a thing for the boys, so Sydney and Barley get along just great.

Barley is a 2 year-old German Shepherd-Siberian Husky mix and a beauty. He is extremely people friendly but has a special place in his heart for Consuelo. He loves to be outside, getting any and all kinds of exercise and attention. He is 70 pounds of love. Barley gets along very well with Sydney... if she gets out of hand, he puts her in her place and that's the end of it. Barley likes to ride up front in the RV, like the figurehead on a ship's bow.

The 1998 Safari Trek is a model 2830 Class A motor coach. She is 28 fit long and is our home and primary transportation during our Great RV Escape. The Trek is battle-scarred on the outside but in good shape inside. This motor coach is built on a P30 chassis and has a 454 Chevy Vortec engine. It has ducted air conditioning, a furnace, a convection oven/microwave, a 3-burner range, a double sink, a 'fridge with freezer, a hot water heater, a decent-sized bathroom and shower, TV, DVD player, TV antenna with converter, a queen-sized bed, a jack-knife sofa for a double bed, and more. It is home away from home!

Instead of towing a car, we use a Tank Urban Racer 150 DS 09 scooter for quick runs to the grocery store and other close-by destinations. The scooter saves us from having to pack up the motor coach when we're camping and just need a few groceries or supplies. We haul the scooter on the back of the Trek on a motorcycle carrier.