Thursday, September 16, 2010

Canada - Settling in at Niagara Falls

We left the Milton Heights Campground around mid-morning on Tuesday and made the short 65-mile drive to the Canadian town of Niagara Falls, where we met up with Lynda's parents, Chip and Carolyn, and our friends Judi and Gary Fleeman.

We got settled in at the Riverside Park Motel and  Campground without any trouble, and could tell right away that it would be a very pleasant place to say. This is a smallish campground set in a peaceful, rural-like area along the Niagara River.

Chip and Carolyn arrived an hour or so after we got to the campground, and the four of us had a late lunch/early dinner at Bettie's Restaurant. Afterward, we drove a little further into town and bought a few toiletries at a local IDA pharmacy.

Lynda and I thought it would be nice to make up a pot of spaghetti for everyone to enjoy when the Fleemans arrived on Thursday. So Lynda went with her parents on Wednesday to pick up the groceries while I stayed back to enjoy a little quiet time. As it turned out, they were actually gone quite a long time - they apparently ended up driving around the town of Niagara Falls to check things out and get their bearings. No one 'fessed up but I think they actually got lost... but it all worked out and they found their way back.

Lynda and I made the spaghetti sauce this morning and it was ready in plenty of time to serve a late lunch when Judi and Gary arrived. Later in the day, we went with the Fleemans to take our collection of dogs (their two and our two) for a long walk. After hanging out and catching up into the evening, the six of us will regroup tomorrow morning and start our sightseeing.

It seems I have been elected as activities director, and so I'm planning what we'll do over the next few days. There is a much to enjoy here in Niagara Falls and I think we're going to be busy - stay tuned!

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