Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wisconsin - Visiting Family and Making New Friends

Today was so much fun!  Cousin Bill and his wife Ruth picked us up from the RV park and off we went to (cousin) Pete and Debbie's  house, where the family was gathering.  I met Bill many years ago in Florida, at a memorial service for our great Aunt and Uncle, but I had not yet met his wife or any of his siblings.  I have no idea why this is... I guess we're all so busy living our lives and time just passes by.

When we arrived at (cousin) Pete and Debbie's house, Aunt Thurston was already there along with (cousin) Mark and his wife Barb - they had driven down from the La Crescent area. The group was rounded out with Debbie's mother and brother, and Barb's son Morgan and a friend of his. 

We had such a great time, getting to know each other a bit and enjoying some good food. We talked about shared family and compared notes on what we know about our relatives - it was interesting and fun. It was also very nice to see Aunt Thurston again; she is a very accomplished and interesting person and I enjoy her company a great deal. We do a pretty good job staying in touch but had not actually seen each other in about 17 years, since my sister's wedding. 

Back Row L-R: Barb, Debbie, Mark, Morgan Front Row L-R Bill, Ruth, Consuelo, Aunt Thurston, Pete
After the gathering wound down, Bill and Ruth dropped us back at the RV park and now we're just catching up on email and a few chores.

Click here for some more photos from our afternoon.

We will leave here tomorrow to make our way to Lakeport State Park in Michigan, which is just north of Port Huron. Stay tuned!

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