Thursday, September 23, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggy-Jig

I can't believe we're home!  We arrived at the house around 4 PM today and spent less than an hour with Mary, the house sitter, for the hand-off.  Then Mary finished loading up her car and off she went.

The cats are hiding because the dogs are running around. We've caught a couple glimpses of Rosco but Celia is tucked away somewhere - no doubt planning her grand entrance. It may take a little while but I'm sure everyone will get used to each other and things will settle down.

And so we'll spend the new few days transitioning back into the house. The Trek is parked out front (our neighbors must love that) so we can begin unloading tomorrow... it will take several hours to brings clothes, books, tools and other equipment back into the house and then put everything away.

I wonder how long it will be before I get restless and want to get back on the road?  We hope to go to Florida in January, but that is months away... can I last that long? We'll get the Trek all cleaned up over the next week or so and have the oil changed so she's ready to go again when we are.

I miss her already.

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Keith Johnson said...

Looks like a nice trip. A bit lengthy but still enjoyable. I need to go on a RV trip soon.


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