Monday, September 13, 2010

Canada - Visiting Cousins in Ontario

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening with my Robinson cousins and it was great to see them!  Cousin Debbie, her husband Reg, and their daughter Brynn picked us up at the RV park and took us to Sandra and Eddie's house in Mississauga.

Ed Jr. and his wife Audrey and their two children Holden and Lilly were there, and Adam also stopped by; although he was only able to steal an hour or so from work, it was great to see him!  In fact, although I had fairly recently seen the others, I had not seen Adam or "little" Eddie in at least 25 years, which is way too long!  The only Robinson cousin that was missing from our gathering was Dan, who unfortunately had another commitment. Sandra served a tasty chicken cacciatore, followed up by a very decadent Tiramisu cake - yummy! Good friends, good food, good drinks = good times!

Back Row: Lynda, Debbie, Sandra, Eddie  Front Row: Consuelo, Brynn
Debbie and Reg also invited us over for dinner on Sunday. Sandra and Eddie took us over to the Ross' where we had Debbie's delicious made-from-scratch chicken curry.

After dinner, Debbie took us back to the RV park and we said goodbye. I hope its not too long before we see them again!

Today we've just been doing some chores (laundry) and catching up on email, etc. We will leave here tomorrow and make our way to the Canadian town of Niagara Falls, where we'll meet up with Lynda's parents and our friends Judi and Gary.

Stay tuned!

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