Tuesday, April 6, 2010

RV'ing Cheetahs

Safari Treks were sold brand new with an option for painted artwork to be airbrushed on the rear panel. From what I've been able to gather, the proud new owner could chose from several themes and then a professional artist would paint the scene onto the RV.  I've seen photos of several Treks with various artwork and the scenes are very attractive!  I have no idea how much this option cost in 1998, but the original owner of our Safari Trek elected to save his/her money for something else and so our back panel was bare.

I started thinking about that blank panel - a big blank space just looking for someone to brighten it up - and I decided we needed to do something. But what? Lynda nor I am talented enough to even consider airbrushing a scene, and I was sure that commissioning an artist to do this would require too much time, coordination, and money.  However, Lynda is a graphic artist and so we decided to design a layout in PhotoShop™ and have a sign shop output the scene on high quality vinyl and apply to the panel.  And so we did.... and that's how we got our RV'ing Cheetahs!
We purchased the photograph from an online photo source and FastSigns of Knoxville did the vinyl and lettering work for us
While we were working on the back panel artwork, we decided to also put some info about this blog on the Trek in the hope that folks would visit our web site and offer up suggestions for our Great RV Escape.  We'll see how that works out, but I'm looking forward to meeting and talking to people in campgrounds, parks, and other places we visit... this will make our trip even more interesting and fun!

So keep an eye out for us as we make our way around the US - click here to see our general route (we start in the Knoxville area and we're heading clockwise). If you spot us, let me know!!

Check out these photos:

Oh, and did you notice our new curtains match our Cheetahs?  I love it when things start coming together!


Carol said...

Love that you got your blog up there, you'll soon be getting lots of followers.

Lin said...

I hope that you have a WONDERFUL trip! Have fun and be safe! :-)

Unknown said...

Hey you two cheetahs! Nice sign. Where are you right now, May 2?


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