Friday, August 6, 2010

What's up with the Autopark Brake?

The issue with Autopark brake has not miraculously cured itself. As you may (or may not) recall, the brake is not properly holding the Trek and she rolls when we park on an incline. We first noticed this shortly before taking the ferry from Port St Angeles, Washington over to Victoria, British Columbia.

So we've driven over 7000 miles through British Columbia, the Yukon, Alaska, and Alberta without a park or emergency brake. We've been using the leveler jacks and a piece of wood to chock the tires when we park, which has worked out OK although it can be a little embarassing sometimes.

But we really do need to get this issue fixed. So I called a GM Dealership in Great Falls, Montana this morning and set up an appointment for next Friday - we'll need an oil change by then also.  Hopefully its just a matter of tightening the cable and/or topping up the brake fluid.

We'll see... stay tuned!

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