Thursday, August 5, 2010

Leaving Alaska - Toad River to Dawson Creek, British Columbia

We left the Toad River Lodge & RV Park on Thursday, August 5th and made the 400 mile drive to Dawson Creek.

It was a very pretty drive along Highway 97. As we traveled along, the country side changed into hilly terrain covered in trees and shrubs with rivers and creeks running alongside the roadway - all very green and pretty. And the road became increasing wider until it grew into a four-lane highway, complete with wide shoulders and frequent turn-outs.

When Lynda and I left home back in April, we agreed there was no way we could take the Trek on a 17,000 mile trip, including Alaska and the Yukon, and not experience some damage. As it turned out, the time had come.

Before getting into the Fort St. John area, we started running into a lot of road construction and drove through several areas of gravel without any trouble. But, a few miles on the south side of Fort St. John we encountered a tractor trailer rig pulling a large fuel tanker that was being driven by an A-#1 jackass. This guy plowed through the gravel road full speed ahead, and his rig sent up a huge spray of gravel and rock against the front of the Trek. I don't think he even noticed.  Well, both windshield panes were now peppered with chips and several cracks, along with numerous gouges and dings all over on the front of the Trek.

Darn it!

But this is what insurance is for, right?  And so we decided not to let it ruin our day... I'll call the insurance company and see if we can get the repairs taken care of when we get home in a few weeks.

We pulled into Dawson Creek around 6:30 PM this afternoon.  As far I as know, Dawson Creek's greatest claim to fame is that it is home to Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway.

Anyway, we found the Wal-Mart, did some shopping, and now we are settled in for the night. Oh yes, nothing like falling asleep by the lights of a Wal-Mart parking lot... and you can't beat the price!

Tomorrow we're off towards Hinton, Alberta. Stay tuned!

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