Wednesday, January 13, 2010

RV Equipment, Gear and Gadgetry - Safari Trek and Tank Scooter

Getting into the RV lifestyle, even as a weekend camper, involves equipment, gear and gadgetry... which I have to admit are part of the fun of RVing, at least for me.  As our RV travel adventure unfolds, I'll share more about RV equipment, gear and gadgetry we're accumulating and investigating, but the most obvious is the RV itself - the Safari Trek motor coach. After that, the motor scooter comes to mind.  Here's some info about this RV equipment:

The 1998 Safari Trek is a model 2830 Class A motor coach. She is 28 fit long and will be our home and primary transportation during our Great RV Escape. The Trek is battle-scarred on the outside but in good shape inside. The exterior damage is fine with me because it will mask any new "encounters" we will almost certainly have during our RV travels. This motor coach is built on a P30/32 chassis and has a 454 Chevy engine. It has ducted air conditioning, a furnace, a convection oven/microwave, a 3-burner range, a double sink, a 'fridge with freezer, a hot water heater, a decent-sized bathroom and shower, TV, DVD player, TV antenna with converter, a queen-sized bed, a jack-knife sofa for a double bed, and more. It is our home away from home!

After much thought, I decided not to bring a tow car, or Toad in the vernacular of RV'ers, on our Great RV Escape. A toad would add one more layer of complexity and cost. Instead, we will use a scooter for runs to the grocery store and other close-by destinations. The scooter will save us from having to pack up the motor coach if we're camping and just need a few groceries or supplies. So Lynda bought a new Tank Urban Racer 150 DS 09 from Scootermax in Houston, Texas when we were there over Christmas 2009.  We hauled it back to Tennessee on the back of the Trek on a motorcycle carrier.

One of the reasons Lynda purchased this scooter is that Tank offers a 3 year warranty - most Chinese scooters come with a 1 year warranty at most. Imagine her delight when we learned that Tank declared Bankruptcy only 1 week after she bought the scooter! So who knows what kind of warranty coverage Lynda has - probably none. Oh well, it was still a good purchase. Sometimes *stuff* happens and you just have to roll along with it.

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