Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We're trip-planning... any suggestions?

We've been hard at work planning our RV travels and the biggest issue we're running into is So Much to See, So Little Time! A month ago I wouldn't have thought time would be an issue: 20+ weeks is a pretty long stretch, wouldn't you say? True, but America is a big country with so much to do and see, and so we're having to pick and choose where to go - although we want to go everywhere and see everything!

We're also taking care to embed quite a bit of wiggle room in between major sightseeing stops. My idea of a good time does not include rushing from one place to the next!
I went to France years ago on a 3-day tour from Germany. We ran from one place to another and it was exhausting! The straw for me was when I was deposited at the Louvre Museum and told "You have 2 hours...enjoy!" Egads... a person could spend 3 days in the Louvre and not see it all. Anyway, I promised myself then never to take that approach to traveling again. Quality wins over quantity every time!
We've done enough trip planning so far to have a good idea of our general route (we begin and end in East Tennessee). The red line on the map below is our basic route. The blue line shows us going into British Columbia to meet up with Alaskan Discovery RV Tours - this is the RV caravan company we will be traveling with to Alaska and the Yukon Territory.  The second map below shows our route once we're on the Alaska part of our travels. You can click on either of these maps to bring up a bigger image.

We will certainly visit many major national parks and attractions such as Big Bend, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, but we also want to visit lesser known, unusual or otherwise interesting areas... these will make our travels even more memorable and fun. So, dear Reader, do you have any suggestions? If so, please leave a comment!

Planning continues... more to follow later!


Cheryl-Anne said...

Okay. First off, what are talking about here? Man, woman, family, witness protection program? Cats? Does this mean the dog is going with you? Do inform them that if anything goes wrong, I have a shotgun and a shovel, and I doubt anybody would miss them for at least a week!
Can't wait for the first journal from the road! Love, Cheryl-Anne

SimplyForties said...

Well I can definitely hook you us in West Texas. I'll be giving it some thought!

Anonymous said...

IF you want the old odd roadside stuff checkout roadsideamerica.com

Gayle said...

May you have a wonderful time on your trip. My daughter and I drove from Knoxville to Alaska last summer.

One of our favorite places was Wolseley, Saskatchewan. We loaded up on travel brochures. This wasn't in any of them.

Wolseley has a historic swinging bridge and tiny park. The town could have been a Norman Rockwell painting. If you'd like to see the article I wrote just email me for the link.

Don't forget to see the Bandlands of New Mexico. They are amazing too. Have a fun trip!

Consuelo said...

Thank you for the suggestions! We will add these to our list...

Anonymous said...

You are missing Souther Utah. Just posted on your Go Rving facebook. You can NOT miss Southern Utah! Give up Niagra falls to save time. It's pretty but it isn't breath taking like a drive through Mt. Carmel. Honest, I can provide pics

Consuelo said...

Maybe we can juggle some things and go through Southern Utah... but we are committed to Niagara Falls and so that's a must. There are so many things to do and see! I need to find a way to do this stuff for a living :-)

keppler said...

If I did the 20 weeks math correctly, it would appear that you may be coming though Ohio on your way home sometime around labor day (give or take). We have a Trek and leave near Cincinnati - would love to meet you at a nearby campsite on your way thru and hear about some of your travels firsthand. I'll try to follow your blog (or other posts on Trek Tracks) in the meantime. Have a great trip and stay safe.

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