Monday, January 25, 2010

Things Still To Do

We're planning to set off on Our Great RV Escape the middle of April... about 11 weeks from now.   That seems like a good amount of time away, but if I've learned nothing else in life so far I have come to appreciate just how quickly time flies!  We still have lots to do to get ready for our RV travels:
Major house cleaning to (hopefully) include clearing out closets and drawers and other spaces where "treasures" accumulate

Clean out the basement which will be a big nasty project unto itself

Dispose of unwanted/unneeded stuff via Craigs list, donation, garage sale - whatever it takes to lighten the load

Clean up the garden beds because we let them go so much this past summer;  now we're going to have to do double-duty to whip them into shape before we leave

Get my motorcycle license which requires a written exam and a practical assessment. No worries, except for the chilly weather

Tear apart the scooter and put her back together so I'm confident she is ready to go.  There's some great info about prepping a new Chinese scooter posted on

Accomplish some preventive maintenance on the Trek such as caulk the roof seams, get another oil change, have a thorough inspection of belts, hoses, etc

Update the dogs' shots and get official copies of their health records to meet Canadian requirements

Pack clothing and personal items for ourselves and for Sydney and Barley (RVing dogs need stuff also).  Packing for 6 months will take some thought as the Trek has a lot of storage space but it's not endless, and we need to be careful about weight

Provision the kitchen, pack books, DVDs, computer and camera gear, and so on - we're not going to Mars and so if we forget something we can purchase along the way

No doubt there are at least a couple things I'm forgetting right now...  Yes, the next 11 weeks won't be impossibly busy but we definitely have plenty to do.  We'll keep you posted!

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