Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting Settled at Willams, Arizona

On May 14th, we left Holbrook and headed west to Williams, Arizona with a few stops along the way.  One of these stops was to pick up a rental car in Flagstaff.  The Grand Canyon South Rim area is huge with lots to offer, and this is definitely not scooter country  with its wide open spaces and a 75 MPH speed limit.

During our drive west towards Williams, we had our first introduction to Mt Humphrey, which boasts the highest peak in Arizona at 12,637 feet.  It was mid May and there was still snow on this mountain.  We later learned from a local person that there is at least a little bit of snow on the peak throughout the summer.

The plan was to go to Flagstaff's Pulliam Airport for the rental car and Lynda would follow me with the car to Camping World and then to the RV park in Williams.  And this is exactly what we did and Lynda did a great job!  Remember, she only started driving again a few weeks before we left Tennessee and here she was driving a strange car in a strange place with multiple stops.  Lynda could not have done better and I was very proud of her. 

We arrived at the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park that afternoon and, once we figured out where to go to get checked in, we went at our site and got settled in.  This is a very nice RV park. It has paved roadways and sites, with graveled areas between sites and around outer edges. There are pedestrian sidewalks and plenty of parking for cars. There is also a covered community area with gas grills, tables and water faucets. This park is very well maintained and extremely clean. It has excellent amenities, including dog boarding and pet supplies. The Grand Canyon Railway RV Park is only about an hour from the Grand Canyon's southwest entrance, and there seems to be plenty to do in Williams itself, which is just walking distance from the RV park.

We decided to take it easy the next day, Saturday, and to use that time to plan our Grand Canyon visit... we will be here for a week and so we have time to catch our breath and relax.  We will definitely visit the Grand Canyon South Rim itself, that goes without saying.  But we will take the dogs and so will have to stay on the paved trails.  We also want to go horseback riding and Lynda is interested in a smooth water rafting trip.  She also would like to go up to the North Rim and so I need to do some figuring out to see how this would fit into our plans.  I would also like to spend a day driving around to see other attractions within a hour or so of Williams - there is a lot to do and see here!

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