Monday, May 31, 2010

Hunkered Down at Lemoore Naval Air Station

I've been here at Lemoore Naval Air Station for a week.  The drive here was uneventful, except for bottoming out the scooter carrier about 90 miles from base.  This time, the scooter carrier's anti-tilt plate and screws got really messed up. [BIG SIGH]  I went ahead and finished out the drive, all the while keeping a close eye on the scooter with the backup camera.

The RV park here is as I expected: not particularly attractive but very functional and its a good place to wait.

A good looking sailor in the RV next to me helped me unload the scooter.  I said to him, "Hey Sailor, could you lend me a hand?" and he did. OK, I admit that I did actually not say "Hey Sailor" to him, but the rest is true.

Yes, I'm bored.  Want to see some photos?

Lynda called a couple days ago and she will be able to fly in to Fresno on Wednesday, June 2nd. Yahoo!  Her retirement is all finalized and the ink is dry. To quote a fine man, "Free at last...!"   I will pick her up at the FAT airport (Fresno Air Terminal) and we will drive to Oakhurst, near Yosemite National Park, where there is an RV park with a reservation for us.

I've been watching a LOT of movies, catching up on the blog, sorting out photos, and doing some carrier and scooter maintenance.

There is a huge dog park 2 minutes away, and me and the doggies go there several  times a day. I have been faithfully picking up their by-products.  I wish I could say the same for the other dog owners.  But, c'est la vie - perhaps their final destiny will be a field of dog-doo.  Please allow me my fantasies; they entertain me and help pass time.

When I get really bored, I ride the scooter around. One day I went to the commissary twice, on purpose. Another morning, I purchased a money order to pay the speeding ticket I got in Arizona. An hour later, I went back to the same area for a hair cut.  I have to space such activities out, so as not to get too exhausted.

I've cleaned all the upholstery in the Trek, and most of the carpeting.  I've done laundry twice - I've washed everything possible. Sydney skulks away from me when I grab the laundry soap. She's worried she's next.

Oh, and guess what? Its windy here.


Judi said...

Love the first picture of Barley, he looks like he's laughing!! Sydney playing in the Dust Bowl is pretty cute too.

RognCath said...

What a cute pair of doggies. Nice having them for company, eh?!

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