Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life Interrupts

Life interrupts even the best laid plans.

It has now become evident that Lynda must return home for at least a week to take care of final actions to complete her retirement from the Air Force. She could, no doubt, write an entire Blog on this subject alone but suffice to say there is a lot up in the air over which she had no control.  So, instead of exploring Williams and checking out some nearby attractions, we spent today re-working our travel itinerary and figuring out a plan to fly Lynda back home. Amazingly, it has all come together quite nicely. And here it is:

We will head to the North Rim tomorrow and spend two nights (Thursday and Friday), probably at Jacob Lake Campground. We'll then drive through southern Utah on Saturday to Zion National Park, which we'll at least drive through and perhaps spend the night, if space is available in the campground. By Sunday, we'll be in the Las Vegas area where we'll visit Hoover Dam and spend the night at the Nellis Air Force Base campground.  Lynda will fly out on a one-way ticket from Las Vegas to Knoxville on Monday morning, and I will then drive to Lemoore Naval Air Station in California, to await her return. Hopefully, she can rejoin me by June 2nd and we'll go to Yosemite for two or three days.  After that, we can skip a couple minor stops and get back on track.

Reservations are made for the plane ticket and the campgrounds (Nellis AFB, Lemoore NAS, and a High Sierra RV Park near to Yosemite). I am confident things will work out, but have to admit I'll be glad to get back on track.

I will spend the week or so at Lemoore watching movies, sorting photos out, reading, and doing some RV cleaning and maintenance. Big Yawn!

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