Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heading to Arizona... and one bent bolt

The drive from Silver City to Holbrook, Arizona was mostly uneventful.  We went by secondary roads and, although the route did not offer up amazing views, it was a very relaxing and pleasant drive.  I really enjoyed the quiet time after dealing with the flat tire!  You can click here to see a few photos

We went by way of Show Low, Arizona so we could stop at the Super Wal-Mart and stock up on some groceries and other necessities.  Good or bad, right or wrong, Super Wal-Marts are a blessing for RV'ers because these stores have large parking lots and provide one-stop shopping - they sell everything from butter to sewer hoses (a necessary evil).  Yes indeed, we have learned to love Wal-Mart like you learn to love crutches after breaking a leg.  :-)

From Show Low, we headed towards Holbrook, with our destination actually being a small RV campground called Root 66 RV Park, located just east of Holbrook in the tiny community of Sun Valley.  We had chosen this RV park because of its proximity to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest.

Notice I said this drive was "mostly uneventful".  Well, in keeping with how our day started (flat tire), we ended with another, although fairly minor, happening.  We stopped to fill up the gas tank in Holbrook and then bottomed out the scooter carrier when pulling out of the gas station.  What an awful screeching, raking sound it made!  Yikes!

I immediately put the hazard lights on and pulled over to check things out. One of the three steel bolts holding the scooter carrier's anti-tilt plate was bent and mangled and the plate was not longer doing its job: the carrier (and scooter) were now able to bounce around in the hitch receiver.  Not a good thing since this puts a good deal of stress on the receiver and carrier tubing.  And we also noticed that the dual duty light bulb for the left rear flashing hazard light and left turn indicator was burned out.  Lord only knows how long it had been since no-one but us knew we were getting ready to turn left or pull out in traffic.  Perhaps that darn scooter carrier bottomed out for a reason?

Anyway, we decided to just grit out teeth and finish the drive to the campground - it was only another 10 miles or so, albeit on the interstate.  I took heart in the fact that I had actually added the anti-tilt plate to the carrier as an after-market improvement and so it was unlikely the world would explode or the scooter would get flung off during these few miles.  Sure enough, we made it with scooter intact, got settled in at Root 66, popped a cold adult beverage and decided to deal with bolt and bulb tomorrow.

What a day it has been!

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