Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alaska RV Tour - Hazelton to Hyder, Alaska

Twenty-two rigs rolled out of Hazelton, British Columbia on June 27th... and so we began our first caravan journey.  Most of us were anxious to become comfortable using the FM radios and to traveling in a caravan formation.  But, just as Spike had told us, it only took a few hours to appreciate the advantages of caravanning!

We left the 'Ksan Campground and made a quick jog to drive through the Kitseguecla Totem Village to see some more totems and an Anglican Church dating back to 1893. 

Just as we were leaving the village area and getting ready to get on the regular highway, one of our rigs (Bob and Patsy) reported a problem with their engine temperature.  Yikes - barely 30 minutes on the road and we had a issue.  Everyone felt bad for them - we all know what a hassle it can be to have trouble with your RV, much less in an area with a lack of facilities.  As it turned out, Bob and Patsy (and grandson Weston) had to have their rig towed. Hopefully they will catch up with us in Hyder....

The drive to Hyder was less than 200 miles and so our first day was a nice and easy introduction to traveling in a group.  As we drove along, Spike talked over the FM radio about the area's geology, people history, and animals.  He told us how to recognize bear scat (a useful talent, in Alaska), and introduced us to the roadside flowers and trees.

There is essentially only one way into and out of Hyder, Alaska: Highway 37, which is also known as the Stewart-Cassiar Highway. Bear Glacier lays about 30 miles from Hyder and can usually be seen from Highway 37, but the weather was rainy and overcast and we could not get a good view as we drove past.  We both commented that we would hopefully be able to get a good look at it when we came back that way out of Hyder in a couple days.

Hyder's Canadian sister town is Stewart, British Columbia which is literally a stone's throw and one border guard away from Hyder.  We crossed the US border between Stewart and Hyder and we found ourselves back in the US.

To see photos of our drive from Hazelton to Hyder, click here.

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