Saturday, June 12, 2010

Salt Creek Recreation Area on the Strait of Juan De Fuca

We arrived at the Salt Creek Recreation Area, which is just west of Port Angeles, on Friday.  After a pretty rough week, we were definitely ready to relax and this was just the place for it!  First of all, this campground is on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, which is a little slice of paradise in of itself.  Secondly, the Salt Creek itself is excellent - well maintained but still rustic, with well placed sites of various shapes and sizes.  Some sites are back in the woods in cosy, well-shaded spots. Others are out in the open, facing the open water of the Strait of San Juan De Fuca - this is the type of site we had and the view was awesome!

We took ourselves and the dogs on a walk around the area and went down to the tidepools, which involved some tricky scrambling over jumbles of wet rocks.  Lynda and I laughed that her physical therapists would be very impressed!  We found ourselves on Crescent Bay beach, which at low tide is a broad expanse of dark grey sand... close to a quarter mile wide in some areas. 

I took Sydney into the water and she had a great time rushing at the waves and splashing around with great vigor!  And then Barley went in with me but he was scared of the waves at first.  Once he realized they were not incarnations of pure evil, Barley began to enjoy himself - he was pretty entertaining, jumping around and being silly.

And so a good time was had by all four of us at the Salt Creek Recreation area.  Click here to see more photos.

We would love to stay longer but we have to catch the ferry tomorrow to go over to Victoria on Vancouver Island... but that will be another story.  Stay tuned!

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