Saturday, June 12, 2010

Autopark Brake Not Working

Well, we thought the brake problem was all taken care with the work done in Petaluma, California.  As it turns out, we are now having trouble with the Autopark brake.  This is essentially the vehicle's parking brake which  is automatically engaged when the transmission is put into "Park".  It also serves as the emergency brake.  The trouble is that the brake is not reliably holding the vehicle - it sometimes slips, allowing the Trek to roll when we park on uneven ground.

Not good, but what are we going to do at this point?  We've had enough of sitting around while the Trek is being worked on, and we're due to take the ferry over to Victoria tomorrow. 

So we've decided to do nothing. We can use the leveler jacks and/or a piece of wood to chock the tires when we park.  While this is not ideal, we're comfortable that these methods will suffice for several weeks, until we return to the lower 48 and have time and opportunity to get the issue fixed.

I just hope we don't get in a situation where our brakes fail, because we don't have an emergency brake to fall back on. Keeping our fingers crossed!

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