Monday, June 14, 2010

Ferry to Victoria, Vancouver Island

After a peaceful stopover at the Salt Creek Recreation Area, on Sunday we loaded ourselves, the dogs and the Trek on to the Black Ball Coho ferry in Port Angeles and went over to Victoria on Vancouver Island. I had been nervous about making this ferry crossing with the Trek... how difficult or awkward would it be to load the motor home on to and then off of the ferry?

As it turned out, not difficult at all! The crossing was a piece of cake - the men directing vehicles onto the ferry definitely know what they're doing and have a proven approach.

Although we were the only RV on the ferry, there were a few other large vehicles along with around a hundred cars. By the way, this ferry crossing cost around $165, mostly due to the size of the Trek.

The Coho ferry allows dogs on the upper deck and so we took Barley and Sydney up top for the 90 minute crossing.

The dogs were pretty well behaved, although Sydney was certainly anxious and a little wound up. Lynda and I were surprised at how much roll we felt as we crossed the Strait of San Juan de Fuca and the dogs were both a little restless about the movement.  Click here to see a few photos of our ferry crossing.

Once we made landing at the terminal in Victoria, we drove off the ferry and cleared customs at a toll booth-like area. This went very well also; after we showed our passports and proof of rabies vaccinations for the dogs, assured the customs official that we were not carrying any firearms (a big no-no in Canada), and promised that we had only a modest quantity of alcohol on board, she waved us through and… there we were in downtown Victoria!

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