Saturday, June 19, 2010

Merritt to Sheridan Lake, Lone Butte

We set off from the Merritt Wal-Mart early Friday morning, feeling pretty well-rested and eager to get to our next stop: Loon Bay Resort at Sheridan Lake, outside Lone Butte. 

I have so far really enjoyed driving in Canada.  In fact, I told Lynda that these last few days of driving around British Columbia have been the best since we left home in mid April. Although the roads are mostly single lane in each direction, they are in excellent shape, have wide shoulders, little if any wind, and the countryside is gorgeous! It really has been very relaxing.

We have also noticed that daylight appears around 4:15 AM and it does not get dark until past 10 PM.  As we drive further north, this window of daylight will get even longer.

Click here for photos of our drive from Merritt to Sheridan Lake, Lone Butte.

We found Loon Bay Resort without any trouble and got settled into our camp site.  We are less than 10 feet from the water and it could not be nicer. We've done nothing but relax, watch some movies and walk the dogs.  It's been great!  Click here to see some photos of the Loon Bay Resort area.

We also took the dogs swimming in the lake, right by our campsite.  As usual, Sydney loved it and Mr. Barley is becoming more and more comfortable in the water. 

I'm convinced Barley would go right in the water if I let him off his leash.  Too bad he is not trustworthy enough for that! That boy would probably take off and not come back until he was good and ready.

We leave tomorrow to continue our journey north. Next stop is Prince George. Stay tuned!

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