Friday, June 11, 2010

Drive North to Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

We left Yuba City on Thursday and headed northward toward Port Angeles, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. As we drove along, Lynda and I were falling in love with the Pacific Northwest. It is truly a beautiful part of the country.

It took us two days to get to the Port Angeles area. From Yuba City, we made it as far as Salem, Oregon. Shortly after we crossed the state line into Oregon, we drove through some rain - the first we've seen since we left Tennessess back in April. It was refreshing!  Oregon is very beautiful... mountains with snow still on top, lakes, rivers, streams, and rolling green farmland. Here are some photos from that leg of the journey.

We spent Thursday night at a Salem WalMart – the price is right and we could stock up on groceries and supplies. How sweet is that? 

We got an early start out of Salem on Friday morning. I wanted to get to the Salt Creek Recreation area outside Port Angeles as early in the day as possible, to help ensure we would get a camp site. Our route up to Port Angeles took us past numerous inlets from the Puget Sound. We saw Oyster beds and areas with millions shells along the beaches. If anything, the scenery was even more beautiful than the day before!  It was hard to capture the scope of the countryside but, nonetheless,here are some photos from Salem to Washington. 

We arrived at the Salt Creek Recreation area around 4:30 PM today, where we were greeted by this doe.

This is a great campground.  I’ll write more about it later - we’ll be here until Sunday and I already know we'll enjoy our stay.

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